Adult Catechism

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Martin Luther’s catechisms:

Starting on Sunday, February 5, we’ll be offering a class that explores Martin Luther’s small and large catechism. It will happen during the adult Sunday School hour and be taught by Pastor Mark.

The class is meant to be both for those who want to review the basics of Lutherans’ understanding of the Christian faith and those who are looking at becoming part of the Living Water family.

Cost of the material is $27.00, including participants’ book and a copy of Concordia, a book containing all of the Lutheran Confessions. (The latter will be useful for you personally and helpful in future classes at Living Water. If you already have a copy of Concordia, of course, you’ll only need the participants’ book at $8.00.)

Class members will be asked to read in advance of each session. To register, contact the church office at  (937) 949-3623.

If you are unable to participate, or miss a session, you can select a link(s) below to listen to the class

– Click here to listen to the first class – Introduction    (5 February)

– Click here to listen to the second class – Session 1 – Luther’s Prefaces    (12 February)

– Click here to listen to the third class – Session 2 – The 10 Commandments    (19 February)

– Not available – Session 3 – The 10 Commandments    (26 February)

– Click here to listen to the fifth class – Session 4 – The 10 Commandments    (5 March)

– Click here to listen to the sixth class – Session 5 – Baptism    (12 March)